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The Foreign Language Level Assessment Exam (YDS) is a central language exam conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) with the instruction of the Higher Education Council (YÖK). For this exam; KPSS high school candidates, KPSS associate degree candidates, university 3rd-4th grade students, KPSS undergraduate candidates, KPSS A group candidates, public personnel, graduate candidates, those who want to be research assistants, doctoral candidates, candidates for associate professors, those who will apply for proficiency in arts, Those who want to specialize in medicine and dentistry, those who have completed a higher education program abroad and want to obtain equivalence can apply. SpeekBox in TRNC/Kyrenia offers an immersive education for YDS.

Venue: ÖSYM.

Knowledge/skills tested: Reading in English and Turkish language usage.

Score / grade validity: 5 years.

Scores/grades used by: YDS score, especially in graduate, undergraduate, and associate professor exams; language teacher exam score in KPSS group when calculating foreign retrieving balances read in universities in Turkey; YDS / e-YDS results are used while receiving language compensation in civil service.

Countries/regionsTurkey, TRNC.



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