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Higher Education Institutions Foreign Language Exam (YÖKDİL) is a foreign language exam organized to determine the language skills of candidates in their fields (science and engineering, social and humanities, and health). YÖKDİL Exam is organized in cooperation with Anadolu University and Ankara University under the coordination of the Higher Education Council. (YÖK). 
Candidates who wish to apply for the YÖKDİL exam, postgraduate education, and associate professorship exam at higher education institutions, and those who are asked for academic language proficiency scores from universities can apply. SpeekBox in TRNC/Kyrenia offers an immersive education for YÖKDİL.

Venue: YÖK & Anadolu University.

Knowledge/skills tested: Reading in English and Turkish language usage.

Score / grade validity: 5 years.

Scores/grades used by: For applications to faculty members other than lecturers (research assistant, lecturer, lecturer, expert, translator). In applications to become a master's and doctorate student. Application for associate professor exam. In the language criteria sought in universities where education is given in a foreign language.

Countries/regionsTurkey, TRNC.



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