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From the founder,

  With technological advancements, the world is becoming ever smaller and we can interact with people from all over the globe instantly. A bridge language, or 'Lingua Franca', like English, plays a crucial role in making these connections possible.
  The mission of SpeekBox is to eliminate the language barrier, enabling students in North Cyprus, Turkey, and throughout the world to speak and understand the target language. In order to accomplish this, we use a variety of methods within a well-tailored and effective learning program that meets their needs. The key to our success lies in prioritizing students' essentials and forming the program accordingly.

   I guarantee that you will have a true learning experience with SpeekBox and wish you the best of luck on your learning journey!

     Yusuf Öztürk
         Founder of SpeekBox
         English & Turkish Tutor 

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